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09 JANUARY 2018

Taken whilst sitting on my new chair, just prior to drifting off.

Sometimes while working in the tunnel or greenhouse, the sun comes out. The atmosphere can very rapidly change from arctic, to very pleasant, and occasionally a certain languor can enter my bones. At such times, it is not unknown for me to simply lie down between the rows, and go to sleep. Very occasionally, a passing member of the family will see me in this prone position and feel slightly alarmed, possibly employing what used to be known as the RUC boot test to see if I am still alive. In a stroke of genius, aimed at avoiding frightening my nearest and dearest, but at the same time adding to my creature comfort, Santa brought me a very comfortable lightweight chair to use in the tunnel – if I make it to the chair, it will be assumed I’m still alive. If am found lying on the ground, I may get a kicking.

Apologies to anyone who was unable to access the farm on Saturday owing to the blockage on Straid Main Street. For an explanation please see

Happy New year to you all. I hope Santa was equally good to you. 

See you soon.