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12 DECEMBER 2017

Cold Feet.

It has been brought to my notice that some of my recent communications have been a little downbeat. To the extent that one customer asked me on Saturday, was there any point in wishing me a Happy Christmas. So, here are my reasons to be cheerful:

  1. It’s no longer my responsibility to feed the livestock, whatever the weather. This is especially pleasing in the current conditions.
  2. I am surrounded by beauty, constantly changing and always a joy. See above photo taken at the dam by a customer on Saturday. There is always time to smell the roses.
  3. Despite my ongoing gloom about the environment, I’m confident that enough good people exist to pull us back from the precipice.
  4. In less than two weeks’ time, the days will start to grow longer and the night’s shorter.
  5. There are a million and one reasons why I consider myself a lucky man, none of which I will bore you with now. Life’s been good to me so far.

I have attached the butchery and Christmas baking order sheets. We would really like the baking orders by this Wednesday so that there isn’t a last minute panic in the kitchen. We are also getting ducks from Mary Regan if a turkey is too much of a good thing. You can ring in your orders.

See you soon.