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19 DECEMBER 2017

In the foreground you see gooseberry bushes being overwhelmed by perennial weeds -mainly creeping buttercup, scutch grass and dandelion. He with the fork is Lewis. I’m not quite sure why Lewis is looking so cheerful, since he is painstakingly forking over the ground and then pulling out these noxious weeds. When he’s finished the gooseberries, he’s 100m of raspberry canes to do. Once they’re all weeded we’ll lay all the surplus cardboard we gather up as a mulch to discourage further weeds, and then seal this off with either woodchips or straw. Note that I said discourage further weeds, not prevent or kill. In organic farming, we never actually win the ‘battle with Nature’, we come to an accommodation with it. This is a good thing.

But ‘who is this Lewis chappie?’ I hear you exclaim. Lewis is by training a chef and more often to be seen in the kitchen than out of doors. When he came to us he made it clear he was keen to participate in the farming side of things as well as cooking. Today as well as the weeding, he was feeding the livestock and honing his tractor driving skills.

In the shop Ilse has been counting her Turkey orders and thinks she has a couple left – and that’s it. I should mention we have a small surplus of rather nice lamb in the display freezer in the shop whch we are selling off at 50% discount -when its’s gone,  it’s gone.

Any turkey/gammon orders will be ready for collection on Friday  and Saturday. Vinceremos will email you when the alcohol is with us.

The shop and tea room will be open until this Saturday the 23rd and then we will be closed over the holidays until Tuesday 2 January.

Finally, on behalf of  us all, thank you for your custom in 2017 – Happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.