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26 June 2017

Not separating the sheep from the goats, but weaning the lambs from their mothers.
I don’t know at what time Jennifer and Hein got up on Sunday morning, but by the time I was fully conscious and stepped outside the door, I was already getting the sounds of cross (that is ‘displeased’ not ‘cross bred’) sheep in glorious stereo. For the first 24 hours after lambs are separated from their mothers, both parent and child are inevitably agitated, and to try and limit the possibility of their breaking out of their respective fields we put them as far apart as the farm allows – roughly 100 metres from our house in either direction. They can probably scarcely hear each other, but we in the middle can hear both. At the time of writing this, more than a day later, both parents and children are calming down and once again concentrating on what sheep do best – eating grass.

See you soon.